• Çetin Akmeşe

Awaiting Ones

2 July – 10 July 2024

The artist addresses the paradoxes of modern life, questioning the effects of creating one’s own identity through images presented for societal adaptation. With a surrealist approach, the artist explores the dynamics between societal and individual identities through symbols and images that transcend reality.

Akmeşe examines efforts to adapt to rapidly changing demands of modern life, the rush to meet deadlines, and the struggle to establish oneself within the cycle of life. These processes reveal a sense of confinement akin to imprisonment in individuals, evoking feelings of conformity, mechanization, and being trapped. In this context, the artist explores the process of identity formation in individuals, investigating behaviors that provide approval and validation in modern life, often dictated by imposed images and preferences.

The artworks featured in the exhibition ‘Awaiting Ones’ curated by Arzu Sancar, critically examine the easily acquired and mass-produced notion of identity in modern life through a focus on time, space, and objects. In this manner, the artist explores the individual’s true identity and the impacts of identities imposed by modern society.

The exhibition questions the methods individuals employ in the process of identity formation, aiming to encourage viewers to reassess their own experiences and transformations, thereby enhancing their internal exploration.